Nitrile (Buna N)

Nitrile O-Rings
Nitrile Elastomers

Nitrile is the most common elastomer providing excellent oil resistance, wide temperature range and ability to compound a wide variety of special performance properties into the compound to expand the range of applications it can fulfill.


Nitrile has Good Tensile and abrasion resistance for dynamic hydraulic applications and can include a variety of internal and external lubricants to provide superior lubricity and reduced break out friction in dynamic applications.

Snow Road

Nitrile can be compounded to provide very low temperature performance and is the elastomer of choice for low temperature dynamic applications.

Nitrile performs well with petroleum products, silicone oils, ethylene glycol, dilute acids and low temperature water.

Nitrile is not recommended for aromatic hydrocarbons, brake fluid, Halogenated compounds or strong acids.

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