Quad Rings

Quad Rings
Quad Ring Close Up

Quad Rings are used as low friction roll resistant seal in piston and dynamic sealing applications.

The Quad Lobe design holds the seal in place when moving and distributes the sealing surface amongst the 4 lobes of the seal.

Quad Rings, O-Rings or metal springs can be utilized within U Cups or other hydraulic seal shapes to energize the entire seal for superior performance.

Please reach out to our sales engineering team to determine if a Quad Ring or other seal shape is preferable for your application.

Quad Ring Seals Close Up
O-Ring Micro Vu Measurement

McMasters Koss has inspection and measurement capabilities to address a variety of complex shapes like Quad Rings and more complicated assemblies using O-Rings or Quad Rings within.

Please click here to learn more about our measurement and inspection capabilities.

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