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Automotive Engine

McMasters Koss has been supply automotive OEM manufacturers with O-Rings, Gaskets and seals for over 40 years and has extensive experience in providing the right production with JIT delivery needs that assembly line customers require.

AS568 O-Ring Inventory

McMasters Koss stocks most AS568 Sizes of Nitrile
(Buna N)
, Silicone, EPDM and Fluorocarbon (Viton) O-Rings and a significant quantity of metric size O-Rings for commercial customers and OEM engineering groups.

Quad Ring Close Up

Quad Rings, Back Up Rings and U Cups are available in most popular sizes for quick shipment.

Oil Seals

Oil Seals, custom molded seal shapes and mechanical seals are supported by McMasters Koss with JIT delivery to customers as needed.

Engineering Work

Engineering support is available for OEM engineering teams and purchasing groups working on improving existing products.

Please click here to find out more about McMasters Koss engineering services.

Durometer Tester

Testing and Inspection Services are available to ensure compliance of material to specification and to address any non-conformances per APQP and customer requirements.

Please reach out to our sales engineering team or engineering team with any product requirements or opportunities to assist your team with any engineering, test or inspection projects.

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