Pool & Spa Industry

Pool with Lighting

Spa fitting, pumps, valves and connectors depend on proper sealing, longevity and resistance to chlorine, chloramines or other pool or spa disinfectants including UV, Ozone and Salt Water Systems.

McMasters Koss has supplied pool and spa equipment manufacturers with O-Rings and gaskets for over 20 years and can offer the material needed to meet best performance and budgetary requirements.

Pool Pumps, Filters and Controls

From Filters, Valves, and control systems to the newest electronic weatherproof enclosure gaskets, McMasters Koss sales engineering team can assist with pool and spa requirements.

Pool Lighting

Pool Lighting Systems require waterproof gaskets and seals to meet UL electrical requirements. Standard O-Rings and a variety of custom seals are used to provide a safe environment for underwater electrical systems.

Please contact our Sales Engineering team with any UL or underwater electrical requirements.

ABS/Lexan Plastics Require Compatible Elastomers to avoid chemical attack and crazing. Please contact our Sales Engineering team with any ABS/Lexan Plastic application assistance.

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