Oil Seals

Oil Seals
Rubber Ribbed Oil Seal

Oil Seals can have outer metal or rubber surfaces with a variety of metal coatings and paints specified for metallic surfaces.

Bonding methods between substrates can mean the difference between longevity and early failure.

Encapsulated Upper Lip Oil Seal

Top or bottom surfaces can be partially or fully encapsulated with inner or outer sealing surfaces.

Material type and Durometer of the material may be primary sealing surface or spring or secondary energizer components may be utilized.

Oil Seals

McMasters Koss has been supplying Oil Seals and oil seal type components to automotive and industrial equipment manufacturers for over 4 decades and can recommend and evaluate your application for best design.

Oil Seal bottom

Please reach out to our sales engineering team for guidance on best oil seal or sealing product for your application.

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