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Fluorocarbon elastomer or Fluoroelastomers (as commonly called) were originally developed by the Dupont Company and marketed under the trade name of Viton.

Designed with a high strength fluorine-hydrogen bond, this elastomer provides superior resistance to extreme temperatures and a wide variety of chemicals.

Severe service equipment manufacturers quickly adopted fluorocarbon and have utilized it in a wide variety of automotive, industrial, petrochemical and semi-conductor applications.

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Fluorocarbon is available in a number of fluorination levels to provide higher levels of chemical or low temperature performance.

Specialty fluorocarbon elastomers have been developed to provide superior performance in specific caustic chemicals and a lower low temperatures.

The standard type A fluorocarbon provide good performance at constant temperatures up to 400F and intermittently up to 600F with moderate low temperature performance.

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McMasters Koss Commercial Products Inventory

McMasters Koss has been supplying Fluorocarbon (Viton) O-Rings and seals for over 45 years and offers a strong complement of commercial stock in Brown and Black colors for quick shipment as needed.

McMasters Koss offers fluorocarbon elastomers meeting FDA and 3A Sanitary requirements for food, beverage or drinking water applications. We can assist with NSF new product submission if required.

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UL listed fluorocarbon elastomers are available to meet regulatory requirements.

Nace TM0027 and NORSOK approved elastomers provide superior Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) Resistance for demanding petroleum applications.

McMasters Koss CompoundColorTemperature RangeDurometerDeliveryUsage
HK75XXXBrown-15F to +400F 75 StockGeneral chemical and temperature resistance
HK75XXXBlack-15F to +400F 75 StockGeneral chemical and temperature resistance
HK75XXXGreen-15F to +400F 75 StockGeneral chemical and temperature resistance
HK90XXXBlack-15F to +400F 9010-12 WeeksHigh Pressure with General chemical and temperature resistance
HK60XXXBlack-15F to +400F 60 10-12 WeeksLow Pressure with General Chemical and temperature resistance
HK75XXXBlack-40F to +350F 7510-12 WeeksLow Temperature Applications with moderate chemical and temperature resistance
HK75XXXBlack-5F to +400F 7510-12 WeeksSuperior Chemical Resistance for caustic environments
HK75XXXBlack-15 to +350F 7510-12 WeeksSuperior resistance for basic environments
HK75XXXBlack-15 to +400F 7510-12 WeeksUL Listed fluorocarbon elastomer
HK75XXXBlack -15 to +400F 7510-12 WeeksRapid Gas Decompression Resistant fluorocarbon to meet Nace TM0027
McMasters Koss Standard Fluorocarbon Compound Listing

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