Custom Molded Shapes

Custom Molded Rubber Seals
Custom Molded Seals and Molded Washers

McMasters Koss supplies a variety of custom molded seals to OEM manufacturers worldwide.

Molded Seals can be manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes and is various materials and colors. for sealing a variety of automotive or industrial applications.

White Rubber Balls

Molded Seals of a variety of orientations including square, rectangular or ball seals.

Special deflashing may be required to provide proper mobility in applications involving ball seals or seals moving within an application.

Molded Flat Washers

Molded washers provide tighter tolerances and superior surface finish over lathe cut or stamped gaskets.

Please reach out to our sales engineering team to see which manufacturing method is best to meet your needs.

Molded Rubber Boots and Grommets work to insulate components from exterior contamination and to protect egress of components within body or engine chambers.

McMasters Koss manufactures a variety of elastomers with resistance to atmosphere, oil or other contaminants anticipated to be encountered in applications of this nature.

Molded Rubber Grommets

Molded Rubber Grommets and Plugs work to cover important components that require accessibility for service or maintenance.

McMasters Koss manufactures a variety of elastomers compatible with ABS/Lexan plastics to avoid chemical attack to these components.

Molded Rubber Seals

Grommets, Custom O-Ring shapes and unique rubber seals, boots or diaphragms can be manufactured to your specifications.

Molded Tube & Washer

Tubing and flat washers can be molded, stamped or extruded.

Please reach out to our sales engineering team to see which manufacturing method is best to meet your needs.

O-Ring Micro Vu Measurement

Whether standard O-Rings, washers, gaskets or complex complex custom seals, McMasters Koss has the capability to measure, inspect and certify parts will meet your requirements.

Please click here to find out more about our inspection capabilities.

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