McMasters Koss stocks most AS568 size O-Rings in the most popular compounds including Nitrile, Silicone, EPDM and Fluorocarbon (Viton)


Metric Sizes including JIS (Japanese Industrial Size) European and traditional metric are available for appropriate applications.

Aircraft Wing

Aerospace and MIL SPEC O-Rings are available for critical applications.

Special packaging available for compliance to specifications or custom customer requirements.

O-Ring Micro Vu Measurement

Custom Size or Non Standard O-Rings are available for quick production and can be stocked for JIT delivery with any blanket order.

Shore A Type M Durometer Tester

Various Durometer compounds are available for different pressure or temperature requirements. Shore A Durometer and IRHD Durometer requirements can be met.

Automotive OEM Material Specifications

McMasters Koss Supplies O-Rings meeting many demanding automotive manufacturer requirements and can meet new specifications as they are developed.

ASTM Standards for O-Rings

McMasters Koss supplies and develops elastomers to meet a variety of ASTM and industry specifications. We can certify to your ASTM requirement or assist your team in specifying the right material.

Coating of Seals

O-Rings can be provided with dot markings, exterior coatings for lubricity or color differentiation.

Let us know what marking or lubricity goals you want to achieve and we can recommend best options for your group.

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