Industries We Serve

McMasters Koss Industries We Serve

Pool & Spa Industry – O-Rings, Gaskets & Seals for Filters, Pumps, Valves, Chlorination, ozone and pool lighting Products. UL and NSF listed elastomers are available for registered components.

Semi Truck and Trailer – Gaskets and Seals for hydraulics, brake, suspension and pinion applications.

Various powertrain applications involving transmissions, fuel and HVAC components used in heavy duty truck products and construction equipment.

Semi Truck & Trailer

Hydraulics and Pneumatics – O-Rings, Gaskets, Seals, Oil Seals and Boots used on cylinders, valves, controls and fittings.

Engineering assistance for troublesome applications and design assistance to provide improvement.

Drinking Water and Beverage Dispensing – Gaskets and seals for water, food and Beverage dispensers.

NSF, KTW, WRAS and other listed elastomers are available for any special applications.

Automotive Engine

Automotive and Truck Industries – Gaskets and seals for internal combustion engines, emissions sensors, fuel systems, suspension components and braking systems.

We offer a variety of proven elastomers to meet the needs of automotive manufacturers worldwide.

O-Rings Gaskets and seals for electric vehicle battery systems, electrical connectors and weatherproof boots, grommets and seals.

Engineering Assistance and testing for battery service elastomers and other challenging electric vehicle applications.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Valves, Fittings and Controls for water, chemical or pressure systems – Gaskets and Seals for residential, commercial and industrial products.

NSF, WRAS and KTW Listed elastomers are available for registered components.

Oil & Gas Industry – Gaskets and Seals for valves, fittings in petroleum equipment and downhole or ocean rigs.

Commercial seals in various elastomers and Norsok or NACE Rapid Gas Decompression Resistant elastomers for the most demanding requirements.

Automotive Disc Brake

Automotive Braking and Regenerative Braking systems including hydraulic or electrical connector seals.

High temperature elastomers designed for phosphate ester hydraulic fluids and additives typically found in braking systems.

Aviation and Aerospace O-Rings, gaskets and seals for hydraulics, electronics, braking systems and internal fuselage systems.

We have elastomers to meet a variety of MIL SPEC and aviation standards.

ITAR Compliant and can re-register if necessary for any critical military applications.

Please reach out to our sales engineering team for any Aerospace or Mil Spec requirements

Engineering Analysis

Please reach out our sales engineering or engineering team to discuss any unique applications you and your team might encounter.

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