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Rubber to Metal/Plastic Bonded Parts

Rubber Metal Bonded Parts
Oil Seals

Rubber can be molded to a variety of metal steel or aluminum allows with a variety of rust preventive oils or paints applied to exposed surfaces.

Click Here learn more about McMasters Koss Oil Seal capabilities.

Urethane Steel Bonded

Various Elastomers and Thermoplastics can be appled to metal substrates to provide a mix or rigidity and flexibility than cannot be achieved with a single material.

Please reach out to our sales engineering team with any rubber to metal or rubber to plastic components to see what guidance and support we can provide your team.

U Cup Green

Rubber to metal or plastic bonded parts to be fully encapsulated in the elastomer or leave an exposed surface. The amount of abrasion anticipated can guide best final shape of your seal.

McMasters Koss Engineering team can assist with design considerations you might need guidance with.

McMasters Koss Team Coat

McMasters Koss has over 40 years experience working with oil seals, rubber metal or plastic seals and can help your team nagivate some of the materials and specifications required.

Please reach out to our sales engineering team for guidance on your design.

Molded Part Marking

Proprietary products like oil seals or rubber metal/pastic bonded parts typically have engraved or OEM markings for warranty or MRO replacement purposes.

Please reach out to our Sales Engineering team with any part marking or OEM identification goals that your team prefers.